Trigger Jobs (prices include standard trigger components only)

Carry  $99  Our most commonly requested trigger job.  Appropriate for carry guns with no fear of light primer strikes (retains all factory safeties).

GSSF Legal  $99  Similar to our standard trigger job but uses only Glock factory components to keep you legal for GSSF competitions (retains all factory safeties).

Replacement of damaged or worn parts not included in price.  Gunsmith will determine if additional parts are needed during installation of trigger components.  These prices do not include test fire.  EVERY firearm is test fired and cost is determined by caliber.

Individual Items:

custom beavertail  $389  Custom fabricated upswept beavertail in conjunction with an undercut trigger guard and a fitted grip allows for the ultimate in a bite-free hand hold.  Includes beavertail, fit/stipple, grit spray, and one-color Duracoat refinish on entire firearm.  

LWD (Euro) Mag Release  $50  A small frame modification allows for the installation of the new LWD mag release (includes new mag button)

Custom Fit/Stippling  $150  Includes any combination of: undercutting trigger guard, at-ready cut, finger groove removal, grip reduction, any area of grip stippled including forward portion for "gamer" grip and a small patch on the front of two magazine floorplates.

Burris fastfire 3 package  $240  includes cutting slide for burris fastfire 3, dovetail cut for new suppressor height rear sight and 1 color refinish on slide.  does not include red dot, suppressor height sights or test fire

Fit aftermarket barrel  $95+  

Sight Install  (not including sights)

        $10 - Sights Purchased from Hatfields

        $25 - Sights Provided by Customer

Hatfield Racker  $46.99/$49.99

Custom Slide Machining (Refinish Required)

        Scalloped - $125

        Dimpled   - $175

        Radius     - $155

        Beveled   - $165

       * Single-Colored Duracoat on SLide $65 with SLide machining work

Carver Competition Magwell  $79.99-149.99

California Competition Magwell (SM/LG)  $49.99

Glock OEM Extended SLide Release  $17.99

Aro-Tek Slide Release  $36.00

Wolff Steel Guide Rod/Spring  $29.99-34.99

Prices for the following items vary depending on product chosen:

Extended ported barrel  $124.99+

Extended Takedown Lever  $9.99-12.99

Sights  $19.99-120.99

Butt Plugs  $6.99-15.99

Extended Mag Release  $5.99-50.00

Hatfield Racker install video 

basic package

Custom Fit/Stippling

LWD Mag Release

Hatfield Tactical Racker

Regular Price:  $247 + Test Fire + Tax

Package Price:  $225 + Test Fire + Tax

vanguard package

Custom Fit/Stippling

Carry Trigger Job

Tactical Racker

LWD Mag Release

Tritium Fiber Optic Sights & Install

Regular Price:  $447 + Test Fire + Tax

Package Price: $400 + Test Fire + Tax