Hatfields offers the following items a la cart:

Reliability Package $375  Includes: Installation and tuning of new extractor and extended ejector (if needed), recoil spring, firing pin spring, internal debur, barrel and frame ramping (if necessary), tuning of bottom barrel lugs and link (extreme cases may require welding and re-cutting of bottom lugs, will cost an additional $120), and tuning of slide stop (slide stop is an additional cost).  New link and pin, if needed.  

Cut Novak Style Sight Dovetails  (does not include sights)
Front: $75
Rear: $150

Trigger Job  $365 Includes: STI brand sear, STI brand hammer, disconnector, sear spring, hammer spring, oversize pins, titanium hammer strut, refitting of existing safeties (if serviceable), fitment of new safeties to trigger system (if required, safeties not included).  Price reflects only those parts listed.

"Hatfields Cuts"  $80  Low-snag, high speed proprietary cuts to the front strap of your single stack 1911 to allow unimpeded grip of your pistol while giving the shooter maximum control over recoil.  Does not include refinish - refinish is necessary.

Lowered & Flared Ejection Port  $95Larger ejection port improves reliability. Does not include refinish - refinish is necessary.

Full External Debur  $110  Deburring of all sharp edges; perfect for concealed carry. Does not include refinish - refinish is necessary.

Custom Fit Bushing  $125  Installing an oversize bushing will remove play between the bushing & barrel as well as between the bushing & the slide, which greatly improves accuracy.  Price does not include the cost of bushing.

Install Beavertail Grip Safety  $165 Includes modificiation of frame & safety for seamless fit and fitment of safety to trigger system.  Customer choice of Ed Brown or Smith & ALexander grip safeties.  Does not include cost of safety or necessary refinish.  Trigger componenets must pass gunsmith check.  

Fit Beavertail to Top of Frame & Slide  $250   Proprietary cosmetic blending of the rear of slide, frame and top of breavertail safety.  Sweeping cut gives a modern aesthetic to your 1911 setting it apart from others at a glance.  

Install Thumb Safety  $45+  Includes fitting of safety to trigger components.  Does not include cost of thumb safety.  Trigger components must pass gunsmith check.  

Fit Match Grade Barrel  $250+  Includes fitment of barrel to slide & frame, ramping, throating and headspacing.  Does not include price of barrel or fit to bushing.  Requires custom fit bushing.  Utilizes the Unites States Army Marksmanship Unit barrel fitting method.   

The 1911 is not a modular system.  Components must be fitted to perform correctly.  Changing a single component may mean a refitting of all components that relate to the component changed.  

silver package

trigger job

reliability package

new oversize barrel bushing

installation of new barrel bushing

welding and re-cutting of bottom barrel lugs

Regular Price:  $1010

Package Price: $945

complete rebuild

Can Include:

Trigger Job

Reliability Package

Installation of New Bushing

Peening & Welding Frame Rails

Re-fit New or Existing Slide

Weld & Re-fit existing barrel or install new match-grade barrel

complete internal/external debur

extensive external metal cosmetic work

custom refinish

Priced upon completion 


basic package

trigger job

reliability Package

Regular Price: $740

Package Price: $695